Anyone else feeling sweet relief today? The thunderstorm that broke yesterday evening was just the remedy for the nutso heat wave we were just hit with. Hopefully you all stayed safe and had your fridge stocked for a beautiful day on a backyard patio today.

Beer and Lemonade. Go.

This drink has been the beer of Summer 2013 for me – it is crazy refreshing! I believe Rickard’s has just released a premixed Shandy this year, but why do that when you can buy your favourite beer and your favourite lemonade and customize how lemony or how beer-y your want your beverage? This is a bit of a sham as far as recipes go, but I think it is well worth a try before the months get cooler.

1 bottle/can of lager beer (Brava, Corona, Keith’s etc.)
Lemonade, to taste


1. Combine all ingredients.

The above picture has about 3/4 bottle of beer and approximately 1/3 cup of lemonade (if that). Adjust to your liking, and enjoy. Lemon slice optional


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