Classic Brownies

Why do things always have to be so complicated? What is with our desire to turn something simple into something more? Why do we mess with a good thing? Why can’t a brownie, just be a brownie? I am certainly … Continue reading

Vanilla Marshmallows

You might think to yourself… “why would I bother when I could buy a bag of these at the store for a few bucks?” Fair. I went into this recipe figuring it would be more of a one-time thing; more … Continue reading

French Onion Soup

I remember how I felt after I made this soup for the first time. I was in awe that such flavours could be developed in my little kitchen. I felt like I had made something truly special and humbled that … Continue reading

2013 Holiday Baking Recap

2014 is here, and I can hardly believe it. January is often a time for reflection, recovery, and resolutions…I think the following post may be one of the reasons why people have weight-loss oriented New Year’s resolutions (you will not … Continue reading