Margherita Pizza

22 hours ago we started a pizza.



4:30pm (the next day)

4:30pm (the next day)









This pizza uses the techniques from this post, but with a new cooking method! We tried something different from Serious Eats. We found we could never get the char we wanted on top. And now we have.

Preheat your stone in a 500F oven for about 30 minutes with the top rack about 8 inches from the TOP rather than the bottom. Now, turn on the broiler for 10 minutes. Cook your pie for about 10 minutes. and alas. An exceptionally tasty pie.

I did read some of the comments from folks on this website that it cracked their stone. Ours survived. You could, alternatively, try a baking steel.

Give it a whirl! (this pizza has fior di latte, and basil. and home made sauce also from this post)


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