Why I give my kale the rubdown.


If you’ve noticed, there are a few staple items in my kitchen (ahem, sweet potato). Kale is one of them. We usually eat this leafy green about once a week. When I first tried kale, I didn’t care for it at all. It thought it was bitter and way too fibrous for a raw salad and so only used it if it involved a quick blanching or sauté.

And then, I started treating it right.  *cue mood lighting*

After you’ve removed the stems and chopped your kale into the desired size, drizzle your kale with a little bit of olive oil, and put a little bit on your hands. Now quite literally, massage it.  You’ll notice the colour brighten and the texture of the leaf turn soft and almost silky to touch after just 2-3 minutes.  Here are some before and after pictures – you’ll notice the difference in brightness and the differences in leaf textures. (The colours in these photos were NOT enhanced!).



It might seem a bit absurd, but give it a try!



*The pictures taken were in preparation for this salad.

3 thoughts on “Why I give my kale the rubdown.

  1. yaaassss game changer, right? My go-to salad is kale/quinoa/roasted sweet potatoes/nuts/dried fruit/feta or goat cheese & balsamic vinaigrette (massaged into leaves first, of course!). Could eat that every meal for life.

    • Your go to sounds VERY familiar to my go to! I like to throw some pomegranate seeds in there in the winter months. Going to use the rest of my massive Kale bunch in a Greek style salad tomorrow!

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